Slow Cooker Honey Sriracha Chicken

OH MY WORD this stuff is AMAZING.

Like, seriously cannot get over how amazing it is.

I adapted my recipe from one I found on Foodie With Family. I didn’t have a lot of the ingredients that her recipe calls for, so I took a look around my pantry and did the best I could.

Well, the “best I could” turned out to be one of the best recipes I have in my repertoire!

I’ll have to add pics of it later, when I get a chance to put it on a pretty plate and take a drool-worthy snap shot.

Before you get into what I did, click on the link and check out her recipe first. It will make more sense, and you may have things from her recipe that you don’t have from mine. The big thing that I was missing is the ketchup. Just about the only time we use ketchup is out at restaurants. So I fiddled with the Sriracha and honey ratios to compensate. I didn’t have fresh garlic, but I believe a tablespoon of powder is equal to one fresh clove? Or is it a teaspoon…don’t know, don’t care. I love garlic, and can never have too much of it in my food. I used my umeboshi plum vinegar in place of the rice vinegar (if you’ve never heard of umeboshi  plums, I highly suggest you get acquainted with them STAT). Coconut oil replaced the sesame oil. I don’t know what rice vinegar tastes like compared to ume vinegar, but I am pretty sure that and the coco oil made significant taste changes to the sauce. That and the lack of ketchup. And extra honey. And I added carrot that I had laying around… *sigh* Someday when I have amassed all of the other ingredients from the original recipe, I will try it so I know how different/similar they are.

Without further ado: My recipe for Honey Sriracha chicken!

6 large chicken breasts
1c honey
1/2c Sriracha hot sauce
1/2c soy sauce
3T garlic powder
1 yellow onion
2T ume plum vinegar
1T coconut oil.
~1/2c grated carrot (left over from something else I made. Threw it in just to use it)

Note: 1/2c seems like a TON of Sriracha, and it is. It seemed way too spicy until the very end. Once the recipe is complete, it isn’t nearly as bad as when you taste test the sauce after blending! In fact, many may choose to add more Sriracha, because it isn’t very spicy at all once all is said and done.
Another thing to note: If you are going to follow the cooking instructions from the original recipe, make sure your chicken is completely thawed. I wasn’t thinking about it when I threw everything in the crock pot and learned this lesson the hard way. If you are dealing with frozen/partially frozen chicken, do at least 2hrs on high heat, then check it and take it down to low for the last hour if it’s mostly cooked through. I also can’t say anything for the texture of the original sauce, but mine turned out very thick, so I made sure to stir it every hour. Kitchen timers are my best friend!

Outside of a few tweaks to the ingredients, I mostly followed her instructions. Well, would have, except for the frozen chicken snag. Snags or no snags, this stuff is freaking AMAZING. My fiance even loves it, which is surprising because it has quite a bit of flavor, and he is more of a plain food kind of guy. Because we are poor and can’t afford to get too fancy, we have been eating this with good ol’ brown rice. The original recipe presents the chicken as a sandwich filling like pulled pork; someday, I WILL try it this way! It looks absolutely fantastic! You could also use this for an Asian fusion taco night meal.

No matter what you do, PLEASE try this chicken!!!


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